Molly and Julia’s Marathon Hang

Two fashionable best friends share their weekend with each other and us. Fashion stylist Molly Kennedy and Art + Commerce producer Julia Wideman on The Smile, the sauna and the silkiest machiattos in Chelsea.

Julia, Fort Greene, Chelsea, Nolita


I normally wake up no later than 9am on the weekend. If I sleep in it’s a conscious decision followed by an Arrested Development marathon. I head from Brooklyn to Equinox in Chelsea for two back-to-back classes: Rowing then Vinyasa. It’s energizing and feels really cleansing to do these workouts with very different movements one after the other. The yoga studio has got a great view of the Highline – nice to end on that note.


Afterwards, I go into the steam room. Always. Once every couple of months, I also book in a facial or massage at the Soho Sanctuary in the afternoon. These activities provide much needed quiet and calm. Out of the gym I grab a coffee. My absolute favorite is Ninth Street Espresso three doors down in Chelsea Market or Intelligentsia, in the Highline Hotel. Both make the silkiest, dreamiest Macchiato, which has become an integral kick off to the day. If I have a little time, I also like to get a Mellow Love at Organic Avenue and people watch on the Highline.


Saturdays are a great day to pop into the galleries – my most regular stops are Hauserwirth and Danziger Gallery. Since it’s right off her train stop, Molly will sometimes meet me there before we convene with friends for brunch plans.


Brunch is almost always at The Smile.  It feels like gathering at a friend’s house. If the day turns into an epic series of café hopping, as it so often does, we have been known to return here for dinner. After eating, we’ll explore some shops and stop into a bookstore; perhaps I’ll grab a used classic at Housing Works Bookstore. I love the worn in quality of used books, and I settle right in. I’m currently reading Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. I also read a ton of Agatha Christie, and I have almost every one of her books. Molly and I might head over to the garden at Saturdays NYC or Cafe Select to enjoy our reads with a beverage.


If it’s a Saturday, this could easily turn into cocktails at The Bowery Hotel  or downstairs at Acme.


On Sundays I like to be home by 7pm to prepare for the week. I like to have a few hours to wind down. On the way home, I stop at Choice Market in Clinton Hill for their extensive selection of local fruits and veggies.  I like to prepare dinner and maybe some lunches to take to work for the week.

Molly, Hoboken, Chelsea, Nolita


Mornings I try to exercise because it’s hard to find the motivation in the evenings when I really want to be at home lounging. I love taking Pilates classes at my gym in Hoboken and going in the steam room after – it starts my day off on a lovely, calm note.


It’s been a challenge finding good coffee in Hoboken so I was thrilled to find Mod Cup– a portable coffee stand – on the way to my train. They make perfect lattes.


Jules and I both adore reading so we often find ourselves stopping at Dashwood Books or McNally Jackson and peacing out for a while. I love interior design books – Julia recently gave me a beauty called “luxurious minimalism.” A stop at a bodega for magazines is a must too. I love The Paris Review, French Vogue, Wilder and Apartmento.


Week days can get crazy with so much to do during the days, lots of running around and tons of meetings. So we really don’t put any pressure on ourselves during days off. We will sit in a park and chat for hours and still feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface! Julia and I have a habit of never depriving ourselves of treats either. The chocolate croissant bread pudding at Cafe Gitane is a long time favorite.


My friends and I have been meeting at The Smile on Bond Street for brunch since it opened. The first time I went I announced it was my favorite restaurant and nothing has changed. I love everything about it. We go there for dinner often too – the meatballs are my current favorite.


Our days have a habit of rolling into nights aka a marathon hang. Once the clock strikes 5 it’s time for a drink – a Hugo at Cafe Select or margaritas at La Esquina.


I’m a homebody at heart. I love nesting at home and doing what I call “merchandising” my apartment with old photographs and art from friends. I often stay up late watching movies (but I also never pass up an episode of Real Housewives, if I’m being honest.) Right now I’m getting through a lot of the Criterion Collection films. I have recently loved Peppermint Frappè and the Three Color trilogy with Juliet Binoche. Movies are amazing for styling inspiration – I take a lot of screen shots and add them to my image archive.

Photography by Jane Houle


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