The Celine Bag of Face Oils, Vintner’s Daughter

Everything about Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is purposeful, from its carefully-sourced 22 ingredients, to the gentle enfleurage infusion process that maintains the integrity of the botanicals, to the sunlight-harnessing violet glass of its bottle that augments the formula’s efficacy.  The end result is a golden-hued powerhouse of a product that’s quickly become a fixture in the kits of industry insiders like editorial make-up artist Alice Lane and Heidi Klum-favorite Linda Hay.  Linda calls it “Her new secret weapon for healthy dewy skin.” 

Founder April Gargiulo consulted Julie Elliot, the genius formulator behind popular eco-lux skincare brand In Fiore (and one of Small Bevy’s biggest beauty heroines) when conceiving Vintner’s Daughter and made use of her connections in the the winemaking industry to source only top-grade raw materials.

The product’s versatile feather-light consistency makes it an effective anti-aging treatment and a beautiful all-natural highlighter.  Says Day, “Press into specific areas post-foundation: eyes, tops of cheekbones and bridge of nose.”

It’s non-toxic, high-performance and just feels amazing. We asked April for a few other beauty and lifestyle recommendations that fit that bill.  If it’s good enough for April, it’s probably good enough for us.

April’s Wellness Bevy

Biocyte Hyaluronic Forte:  plant-based supplements to help stimulate collagen production

Medik8 Gentle Foaming Cleanser: I love this UK product! It’s infused with rosemary and  natural glycerin                                                                                                                                                  

Nourish Café in San Francisco: I can’t get their mango chia pudding out of my head    

Kelly’s Filling Station and Wine Shop in Napa: For the best iced almond milk lattes              

A big glass of room temp, lemon water with a shot of raw coconut vinegar every morning

Lake Como: Anywhere on the lake is my perfect wellness spot


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