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Mimi Dakar Berry

This is part two of our interview with the dynamic duo of Sonya Dakar and Mimi Dakar Berry.  Mimi is a busy mom of two while also helping her Mom run the family business.  Here’s what a day in the life of the vivacious VP looks like.  Lots of great tips too!  Her beauty routine is epic.

Take me through a typical work day.

My kids and I wake up by 6am. I get everyone fed and dressed–myself included–and get us all out the door.

Once the kids are in school, I head to the clinic and call my mom on my short drive to the office. 

I take meetings and work at the clinic all morning. I get in before my mom, and when she arrives, she always runs up to my office and brings me a green juice that she has made fresh for my brother and me that morning. It’s really delicious. I update her on the day’s meetings.

I work with my brother, Yigal and we connect on everything: from packaging design, product development, marketing campaigns, new business ventures, you name it – we wear many hats.

By 1pm, I pick up my toddler form preschool and bring him home for a nap. I don’t take lunches.  Instead, I spend a little time with him in the afternoon, which is really important for me. Once he is down for a nap, I go back to work for a few hours, usually in my home office, unless I have a meeting, which I head back to the clinic for. 

I try and squeeze in a work out 4-5 times a week, usually Pilates. It’s one of the things I do for myself that helps keep me healthy and sane. I don’t feel well when I don’t work out.  I wrap things up by 5pm, so I can have dinner with my children–another important time of the day for us. 

I am so lucky to have a supportive husband too.  He makes sure to get home every evening in time for our boys’ bedtime . He really is an amazing source of support for me. 

When the house is quiet again (and kids are asleep), I check back in on my laptop and finish up any work that needs to be done, answer emails, etc.  That’s what I love most about working with my family. They understand the importance of family and allow me to make my own schedule. I really believe I am so lucky and blessed to have so much support and freedom in my job.

Some people would freak out if they had to work for their mom, why does your relationship work?

My mom is an alpha female and type A personality. I am a Leo, and I like to be in charge as well. We have different roles and schedules at work.  Sonya is with clients throughout the day, while I am usually tucked away in an office or at meetings. So, as much as we work together, we won’t see each other for hours at a time, and sometimes, we miss each other for a few days too.

I think it’s healthy for any relationship to have space and freedom – especially mother-daughter relationships.  We have worked together for so many years that we know what works and what does not work by now.

My mom makes me laugh all the time–she is non stop entertainment and humor, plus she gives me so much respect and freedom, I feel really lucky to work with her.

Favorite LA Hot Spots

Girls Night Out: I love Mexican food and Gracias Madres is a gorgeous vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood–perfect for a girls night out for dinner and drinks.

Breakfast: I am a big Sunday brunch girl.  I love the poached egg whites and pesto at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills.

Hikes: Hiking is one of my favorite things to do alone, or with my girlfriends. I love Franklin Canyon – once you reach the top, the view is really amazing.

Larchmont Farmers Market or Beverly Hills Farmers Market: I LOVE a farmers market on Sunday mornings. Great produce and delicious foods, and cute to run around with the kiddies.

Beauty Routine

I take my skincare routine very seriously. As I get older my skin is becoming more and more important. It used to be about a breakout here and there, but now, I work hard to keep my skin looking youthful.

1-2 times week, I do mini facials:

I really see a difference, especially with the nano peel. I get professional facials as often as I can, but sometimes I just don’t have the time. This peel is essential to my skin to get professional results at home.

Did I say I was obsessed?  But it really takes me just a few minutes every morning and night. Promise.


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